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Unreal Engine Programming

01 / How we fit

How we fit in with your Team

01 / How we fit

Razmus Media works with companies and agencies as a full service agency and as team augmentation handling parts of a project. For agencies, we're available to fill the gap with Unreal Engine.

01 / Design Phase Consulting

  • Work alongside the Creative Director and design team
  • Provide technical insight on interaction design
  • Assist with the direction of UI design for Standard Scree, VR, and Touchscreen, providing insight on how it can work in Unreal Engine UMG (Unreal Motion Graphics UI Designer)

02 / System Architecture & Infrastructure

  • Provide direction/recommendations for PC specs/hardware
  • Provide direction and insight on different VR HMDs and screen configurations
  • Assist with hardware research & review
  • DevOps, version control, deployment

03 / Software Architecture

  • Handle project setup/startup
  • Project organization, file structure, user/developer provisioning
  • Documentation

04 / Experience Development

  • Project management
  • Worldbuilding, lighting, scripting
  • Core programming
  • Engine extensions/plugins
  • SDK integrations
  • CMS integration
  • Error reporting, analytics
  • Documentation & Instructions
02 / Featured Work

Unreal Engine Projects

02 / Featured Work

Connected Environments

  • Unreal Engine
  • Gameplay Programming
  • Interaction Design
  • UMG/UI Development
  • UDP message handler

A real-time simulation controlled by a touch table with physical totems to interact with the UI and 3D world.

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Connected Environments

U-505 VR

Museum of Science & Industry
  • Unreal Engine Programming
  • VR Ocean Simulation
  • Custom controller programming
  • VR Closed Captions

A truly unique experience. A VR headset built into a submarine periscope for an immersive experience people will remember.

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U-505 VR

Agriculture - 5G&Me

  • Unreal Engine Programming
  • Drone Animation
  • UMG/UI Development
  • Lighting optimization

A smart farm simulation, built in Unreal Engine, that is controlled by lidar sensors in the plants for an interactive presentation.

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Agriculture - 5G&Me

U-505 Dive Trainer

Museum of Science & Industry
  • Unreal Engine Programming
  • VFX Design
  • Custom Closed Captions
  • Ocean Simulation

U-505 Dive Trainer Interactive Stations let people navigate the submarine using an authentic steel wheel across three 50" screens.

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U-505 Dive Trainer