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U-505 VR

U-505 VR

A truly unique experience. A VR headset built into a submarine periscope for an immersive experience people will remember.

  • Creative Direction / Production
  • Unreal Engine/Gameplay Programming
    Razmus Media
  • Color & Look Development
  • SFX/Audio Design
Museum of Science & Industry
Project Type
Real-Time / Unreal Engine
  • Unreal Engine Programming
  • VR Ocean Simulation
  • Custom controller programming
  • VR Closed Captions

A VR experience from the perspective of the periscope.

On Patrol

Patrol the seas on a re-created conning tower, complete with both an attack and an aerial-navigation periscope. Using these periscopes, outfitted with high-resolution LCD displays, race against the clock to launch a torpedo and determine your vessel's bearings to decide whether it is safe to surface.

On the attack periscope, become "Captain" and attempt to identify and lock in on an enemy target. A "Watch Officer" mans the aerial-navigation periscope, seeking out critical visual and navigational information. The patrol is a success if you can identify the harbor or dive before aircraft or enemy destroyers detect your vessel!

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  • Implementing VR without conventional tracking
  • Create an enjoyable and memorable experience from the perspective of the periscope
  • Include accessibility options in a WW2 era periscope


  • Using a laser tracking device we implemented the turning movement using the actual periscope movement
  • Game interactions are implemented by looking at the correct object, different timing challenges, and aiming
  • The attack sequence uses the same math principles that were used on the submarine for aiming and firing torpedoes
  • The Morse code that is used during gameplay via flashing hand-held lights, uses real Morse code that can be changed via a config file
  • All audio and instructions have VR captions
  • An analog slider is implemented to turn the view in-game without needing to move the actual periscope to ensure this exhibit can be used with only one hand
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A VR Periscope

With the U-505 VR experience, you control the sub using a replica periscope. You will have your hands on the massive, steel periscope as you peer into another world.

As you rotate the physical periscope, the in-game view follows and you feel as though you're in the real submarine.

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