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The Revolutionizing Transportation project combines cutting-edge technology and creative design to create an immersive and engaging experience for T-Mobile customers. The project comprises two main components: an Ideum touch table and a fabricated vehicle enclosure. The touch table is the control center, featuring a fully interactive user interface with various applications.

Users can enjoy a repertoire of apps, including Youtube, a calendar, a photo app for capturing and sharing selfies and group photos, as well as a fully functioning phone and text app connected to T-Mobile's robust communication network. The touch table also functions as a media hub, allowing users to play videos, music, and display documents, photos, and videos. Users can "cast" their media onto the vehicle enclosure's windows for a captivating visual display.

Envoy, in collaboration with Razmus Media, has expanded the Transportation experience by introducing additional features. This includes developing a CMS-driven music app that enables T-Mobile to curate and control the available playlist, ensuring users a personalized and enjoyable experience throughout their journey. The photo app has a wide-angle camera, perfect for capturing group photos within the vehicle. Furthermore, the project includes Youtube casting and a full-function Phone and TXT app integration.

To provide a unique and personalized experience, the Revolutionizing Transportation project integrates multiple API integrations. Users can choose a select avatar, set food and music preferences, and even place a custom (virtual) food order with their name displayed during the experience.

  • Creative Direction Production
  • Installation Design/Fabrication
  • Unreal Engine Programming
    Razmus Media
  • Unreal Engine Programming
  • Unreal Engine Programming
Project Type
Real-Time / Unreal Engine
  • Unreal Engine Programming
  • API Development
  • Audio API integration
  • C++ & Blueprints
  • UPD integration
  • T-Mobile API
  • CMS integration

Elevate Your Agency's Offerings with Unreal Engine Expertise for Real-Time Experiences

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Phase Breakdown

1. Research and Planning:

  • Conducting comprehensive market research to identify customer preferences and expectations in transportation experiences.
  • Collaborating with T-Mobile and Envoy to determine project objectives and deliverables.
  • Planning the integration of T-Mobile's communication network to ensure seamless connectivity throughout the experience.

2. Design and Development:

  • Designing an intuitive user interface for the Ideum touch table, ensuring ease of use and accessibility.
  • Leveraging Unreal Engine to build a visually stunning and interactive user environment.
  • Implementing multi-touch and context awareness capabilities across all applications to enhance user engagement.
  • Developing a touch keyboard and application interface with extensive emoji support for dynamic user interaction.
  • Creating a CMS-driven music app that empowers T-Mobile to control the available playlist, offering a personalized and enjoyable music experience.
  • Introducing a photos app with a wide-angle camera for capturing memorable moments within the vehicle.
  • Integrating T-Mobile's phone and SMS text API to provide users with full phone and messaging capabilities.

3. Testing and Iteration:

  • Conducting comprehensive testing to ensure the functionality and stability of all features and integrations.
  • Collecting user feedback and iterating on the design and experience based on user preferences and suggstions.
  • Addressing any technical issues or challenges discovered during the testing phase to deliver a seamless experience.

4. Deployment and Maintenance:

  • Deploying the Revolutionizing Transportation experience at T-Mobile stores and events, ensuring all technical aspects are properly set up and configured.
  • Providing ongoing maintenance and support to keep the experience running smoothly and address any issues.
  • Continuously monitoring user feedback and making necessary improvements to ensure an exceptional transportation experience for T-Mobile customers.
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Despite these challenges, the Revolutionizing Transportation project aims to transform how T-Mobile customers engage with transportation, providing an immersive and interactive experience that seamlessly integrates technology, entertainment, and communication.

  • Implementing multi-touch and context awareness across all applications allows seamless interaction and user engagement.
  • Leveraging Unreal Engine to create a visually stunning and immersive user experience requires expertise in the engine's capabilities and optimization techniques.
  • Integrating T-Mobile's phone and SMS text API to provide users seamless connectivity and functionality within the Transportation experience.
  • Designing and implementing a touch keyboard and application interface that supports extensive emoji support and enhances user interaction.
  • Developing a full-featured music application with CMS-driven playlist control to deliver a personalized and enjoyable music experience.
  • Creating a CMS-driven "my files" feature allows users to display videos, images, and documents on the touch table, offering a personalized and interactive media experience within the Transportation environment.

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