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Trusted by the Almodovar GroupTrusted by the Museum of Science and Industry ChicagoTrusted by Banner StudiosTrusted by the Chicago BearsTrusted by T-MobileTrusted by EnvoyTrusted by Viacom CBSTrusted by NickelodeonTrusted by FCBTrusted by lord and thomasTrust by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Unreal / Virtual Production / ICVFX / Photo / Video

"Kevin was an absolute lifesaver for our company. Tackling a new technology was a daunting task but Kevin went above and beyond to make sure we not only understood but felt like we had mastered the Unreal Engine-powered LED/stage. There was no request for help or explanation that he turned down, and by the end of the process, it felt like he was a core member of our full time staff.

Kevin is also an incredible creative -- not just a tech guy. He was hands on throughout the design process, always helping us make sure the scenes would come to life in a realistic, convincing way.

We will definitely be working with Kevin again in the future -- he's the ultimate team player, and the ultimate safety valve to make sure complication, tech-heavy production goes off without a hitch!"

Patrick Dahl

President & Founder @ Banner Studios
Development / Photo / Video

“Working with Kevin is refreshing, profitable, and productive.

He possesses the rare gift of quickly recognizing how digital solutions impact the entire framework of a business. Everything he does is forward thinking and scalable. If Razmus Media is involved, you can count on it being done the right way.

Simply put, his work is the standard that other digital engineers try to emulate. If your company wants the highest quality creative works possible, collaborate with Kevin. This includes enterprise web apps, real-time 3D experiences, VR, and more. The term “partner” is thrown around a lot, but Kevin is a true development partner.

If you have the opportunity to work with him, I would recommend him without hesitation.”

David Almodovar

Managing Partner @ Aᴳ
Coaching / Development / Photo / Video

“In the short amount of time that I have partnered with and been mentored by Kevin, I feel that I've gained years of experience in a short amount of time.

It's an exciting journey that's just beginning!”

Wivvlenaire Jean-Baptiste

CEO & Founder @ PR Philosophyprphilosophy.com
Unreal / Virtual Production / ICVFX / Photo / Video

“Kevin has a tremendous amount of experience. He was able to help get me started, understand how to interact with companies, and understand the value of the services I provide.

Whether you have been freelance for years or just getting started, I would recommend his coaching services.”

Aaron Greene

Engineer @ T-Mobile
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Header: How we can work with you

Unreal Engine

Virtual Production, ICVFX

Ideas & Art Direction. We work directly with your creative team, assist with storyboards, look dev, animations, and more.

Education & Coaching. Using a game engine is relatively new for many in the film industry. We’re excited to help you learn about all the technologies and how they will fit into your video production pipeline.

World building. Helping make your visions a (virtual) reality. Building virtual sets requires multiple techniques depending on the desired outcome. Some scenes will require hand modeling and texturing, while others will need photogrammetry, and some just require finding the right pack to kit bash a highly detailed scene. We’ll build, optimize, and be ready to shoot.

Triggering Animations & Events. We have a deep understanding of Unreal Engine and nDisplay. Syncing animated events or triggering functionality can be complex, but don’t worry, we utilize existing tools, plugins, and we build custom tools to fill in the gaps where needed.

Camera & FIZ Tracking. We’ll work with you so you understand the available options, how they work, and which one would be best for your budget and style of shooting.

Interactive Experiences

Planning & Scoping. We’ve built custom tools in Dev Nova to help with scoping, planning, and estimating large scale projects. Bring us in early on your project and we’ll assist from Discovery all the way to the Pitch and Execution.

Creative Direction. Using Unreal Engine, we can work with your team to create pre-viz images and videos and assist with building out a cohesive design that brings continuity across the entire project.

Programming & Development. The primary part of our involvement includes building the experience. We use both Blueprint and C++ for development and often build out OSC/UDP network communications for full back office control via custom tools or CMS integrations.

3D Modeling & Asset Creation. We can work with your in-house 3d artists or bring in our team.

  • Permanent Installations (Tech Experiences, HQ, Lobbies, Museums)
  • Mobile Interactives (Events, Festivals, etc.)
  • Visualizations & Previews
  • VR/XR Games & Experiences
Unreal Engine Services
  • Project planning & scoping
  • Creative direction & storyboarding
  • C++ & blueprint development (Gameplay/Interactive)
  • UMG UI development
  • 3d asset creation
  • World building
  • Level assembly and lighting
  • Custom plugin development
  • Sequence setup and output
  • nDisplay configuration
  • Web remote configuration
  • Custom remote function development for use with nDisplay clusters
  • Scene optimization

Coaching, Planning, & Scoping


We work with freelancers, SMBs, and teams to help you become more confident working with clients, handling project discovery, creating scope documents, and, the biggest one, estimating a project price.

Stop hourly billing! This is the most common issue that freelancers face. You’ve heard the term “value pricing”, but it is not always clear or possible to price a project based on the value you bring. Don’t worry, though; we’ll help find the way that works best for you and the project.

Stay organized. A secret to success is being organized. If you know where the information is, you’ll always have (or know where to find) the answer. Creating standard processes for each aspect of your business will remove decision fatigue and help you focus on the other elements of your project.

Planning & Scoping

The early phases of any project can be just or more important than the execution phases. In preproduction we can plan ahead for possible issues and either solve them ahead of time or be prepped and ready to handle them when they arise.

We work with you, your team, and your client (if needed), to help align expectations & goals, identify needs (i.e., additional employees or contractors), and building out a timeline, phases, and cost breakdown.

Project Services
  • Project discovery (Internal and with clients)
  • Scoping
  • Timeline estimate
  • Cost & price
  • Project management & tracking
  • Coaching for the above topics

Application Development

Web App & API Development

We can work with your in house team and fill a gap or we can bring our own team to build out a solution for your business needs.

Founder & CEO, Kevin, has an extensive background in large scale application design & development that brings a deep understanding of how to execute & manage large scale projects that span multiple teams and agencies.

Razmus Media brings more than just developer resources. We deep dive into project discovery, and technical & creative direction and work with individual team members & stakeholders to ensure they have the understanding needed.

Development Services
  • API Development (Node.js, Dot Net, C#)
  • Angular Web Apps
  • CMS development, integrations
  • Webflow Development
  • Version control workflow
  • Automated testing infrastructure
  • UDP/OSC Remote control apps & CMS integrations

Photo & Video

Photography & Videography

Interviews, Corporate Shorts, Events. On location or in a studio setting, we can bring your stories to life.

Behind the Scenes (BTS). We love seeing how things are made and hearing little stories behind the scenes. And we also love filming it. Bring us along on your next production and you’ll be able to publish the story behind the story.

Live streaming events. We use a Black Magic multi-camera setup to stream video out simultaneously to multiple platforms with stinger transitions, lower thirds, and live media playback.

Case studies. We can take your footage or create new assets and to craft the story about your projects. Being able to showcase the little moments and the big wins that made a difference is always good for business.

Photo & Video Services
  • Interviews
  • Corporate shorts
  • Events
  • Live streams
  • BTS & Case studies
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