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U-505 Dive Trainer

U-505 Dive Trainer

U-505 Dive Trainer Interactive Stations let people navigate the submarine using an authentic steel wheel across three 50" screens.

  • Creative Direction/Production
  • Installation Fabrication
    Ravenswood Studio
  • Gameplay Programming, 3D Environment Design
    Razmus Media
  • Experiential, Graphic and Environmental Design
    Luci Creative
  • SFX/Audio Design
Museum of Science & Industry
Project Type
Real-Time / Unreal Engine
  • Unreal Engine Programming
  • VFX Design
  • Custom Closed Captions
  • Ocean Simulation

A dynamic experience that left an impression.

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Museum of Science & Industry
U-505 Dive Trainer
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Three stations

The exhibit consists of three immersive stations. The U-505 Dive Trainer teaches visitors how to operate the vintage WWII German submarine, an iconic exhibit. 

An extensive amount of research was conducted to learn how the submarine worked. In fact, Luci Creative located the original construction blueprints of the submarine and had them etched into the edge-lighted acrylic divider panels between the three stations.

In the U-505 Dive Trainer simulation, visitors operate the WWII German submarine. Sound, vibrations, and three large screens deliver the immersive interactive and allow visitors young and old to pilot the sub through a dangerous attack involving torpedos and depth charges. Their mission: to avoid capture and evade destruction by enemy explosives.

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Bespoke design to deliver an amazing experience

We were humbled to have the opportunity to work on development of an Unreal Engine project that would run in a completely bespoke environment. The design of the physical elements really elevated the whole experience to a new level.

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The Power of Unreal Engine

Being able to quickly prototype new gameplay scripting and behaviors in Blueprints really helped when working through the R&D phase and ultimately allowed us to deliver an exceptional gameplay experience that people will get to enjoy for years to come.

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Play testing

Running multiple sessions with different user groups helped shape the final product. Tweaks to the story and gameplay elements were made after rounds of user testing to deliver an enjoyable and exceptional experience.

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Looking for something similar to
Museum of Science & Industry
U-505 Dive Trainer
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