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Hello, I'd like to introduce Kevin Razmus...

Kevin runs a digital studio called Razmus Media (RM).

As a powerhouse "solopreneur", Kevin partners with agencies and works directly with clients, building teams as needed.

Trusted by leading agencies and brands to build web applications, real-time 3D experiences in Unreal Engine, and all the little things needed to complete the project.

Large and complex projects are a comfort zone.

Before starting RM, Kevin had the privilege of working on large-scale projects, such as co-authoring the framework and mobile app that powers Sysco Foods' mobile ordering app and assisting in re-platforming Under Armour's e-commerce website to run on containerized Node.js microservices.

This background gave him a deep understanding of how to manage large scale project that span across multiple teams and agencies.

Once starting Razmus Media, Kevin took the lead in developing multiple real-time experience installations in T-Mobile's 5G&me headquarters, Museum Experiences, and large scale web applications such as Dev Nova.

Razmus Media brings more than just developer resources. Kevin deep dives into project discovery, and technical & creative direction to work with individual team members and ensure they have the understanding needed.

As a bonus, we bring custom tools developed in Dev Nova to help with complex scoping, project estimates, and more.

A story on creative discovery.

"One deep dive that stands out is when we needed to add an AI-powered autonomous quad apple picker that will drive through an orchard, evaluate, and collect apples in a basket to bring in for processing. "

The first thing I did was a deep dive into how orchards work, what it looks like to pick apples commercially, the techniques, etc. Once I grasped this, I pulled screenshots and video snippets and wrote documentation on how and why these techniques are used. Then, I shared that with the 3D artists and animation team.

The research resulted in a better end product and impressed the client who would have caught the improper movement had it made it to review.

It is so important to understand as much as possible before you start modeling, animating, building, etc.

I just love being able to transport into different worlds and learn why and how they work so we can replicate them in the experiences and stories we tell.

Familiar types of work.

Razmus Media provides services across the entire project life cycle, such as: Project Planning Content & Creative Direction Technical Direction Unreal Engine Development Level Building & Lighting Web App Development API Development Architecture Planning & Diagrams

Business & Development
  • Discovery & Scoping
  • Technical Direction
  • Timeline & Budget Estimation
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
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  • Experience & Innovation centers
  • Showrooms
  • Corporate & Private Lobbies
Immersive Environments
  • Museums
  • Retail
  • Live & Virtual Events
Emerging Tech
  • VR/AR Experiences and games
  • Worldbuilding

What is Dev Nova?

Razmus Media is building a project management platform that focuses on providing tools to help freelancers and teams estimate project time and cost, write meaningful project scopes, and learn proper procedures to run and manage their projects. Currently in development with invite-only early access.

The story of why.

"We started with an overly complex spreadsheet that was sometimes too much to look at."

It started because I wanted a way to keep documentation and scope documents in the project. Project scoping is one of the most overlooked phases of a project among freelancers and small companies. So, Dev Nova was born. Scope documents are handled like contracts, whether internal or client-facing. You can author a scope, send it for review, and even require a signature.

Another big focus is estimating. From the beginning, I've always stayed away from hourly billing. It doesn't work for freelancers and it doesn't work for agencies.

But then, how do you calculate the cost of a project? A big buzz phrase has been "Value pricing". And I agree—if you know the potential value the project brings, then you can calculate the cost based on that. The problem is that many projects fall somewhere between hourly and value pricing.
So, I proposed a happy medium: a baseline hourly estimate with an "uncertainty" buffer, expenses, and a profit margin built in. We started using this process in an overly complex spreadsheet that was sometimes too much to look at, especially when it was a long-running project involving multiple teams spread across multiple agencies.

We needed a better visual tool to build the timeline and add roles and other expenses. A big one we've seen overlooked a lot is the salaries of executives and other non-project-facing roles. Or more minor things like HR, software licenses, and hardware fees. All of this needs to come from somewhere. A very common way we've seen this handled is by bloating resource rates, i.e., a Creative Director may be billed out at $150/h, but in the estimate, it is listed at $200, same for developers, designers, etc. OR, the flat "just add 20%" and hope for the best.

"It is so important to know where the money will go, including hardware & software fees, executive salaries, general wages, and of course, profit!"
"I'd love to answer any questions you may have, and discuss the possibility of working together."

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