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We build large enterprise applications, SaaS products, museum exhibits and more. We are looking for a developer that is familiar with working on large Angular web applications. You should be familiar building scalable, high-performance web applications with a deep understanding of code organization.


  • Write beautiful, clean code that is easy to follow and extend in the future
  • Create new modules and components using the Angular CLI to scaffold
  • Write HTML and CSS (Sass) with an understanding of cross-browser behavior
  • Generate end-to-end tests using a custom test recorder Chrome extension
  • Use Confluence to review scope documents
  • Use Adobe XD to review design prototypes to be developed - Note: You don't need an Adobe license to view prototypes
  • Work with the Technical Lead to complete feature development tasks
  • Use Jira to work with daily tasks for the technical team
  • Use BitBucket to fork repos and create pull requests
  • Author code/feature documentation that is easy to understand for non technical people

Preferred Skills

We are looking for a self motivated individual who understands and enjoys working on technical projects with a small or large team.

With that being said, you should fit with the following:

  • 3+ years of experience in Angular 2+ application development (We have applications in version 7 and 8)
  • Good understanding of GIT version control
  • Ability to work within a large project
  • Should be a able to write clean DRY code
  • A clear understanding of Project Management processes, strategies and methods
  • Development: JetBrains IntelliJ or Webstorm
  • Project Management - Jira, Confluence
  • Version Control Systems - BitBucket

Extra Credit

If you happen to have additional skills, please let us know! Here are few other things we're looking for:

  • Adobe XD design & prototyping
  • Unreal Engine development: C++ and Blueprints
  • Shopify development: Template, HTML/CSS, Shopify Application Development
  • Node.js for API development

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