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SO Hair & Skin Care



Questioning The Direction Of The Brand

JBC Distributors had a new hair and skincare brand, and they had some concerns about the direction. The logo didn't feel right, the colors and layout felt a little off, and there was no unity across the products. JBC knew they had to do something.

SO Hair & Skin Care was set to be sold online direct to consumers, with a focus on healthy natural ingredients that work with you to help get glowing healthy skin and hair.

A New Look And A Unified Brand

All 37 products needed to be reviewed and have a unified brand guide applied to them. The first challenge was to get all the product dimensions and all the copy in digital format so it could be reviewed and checked for errors.

When Everything Is Needed

Building the SO brand required planning a strategy to design the brand, the product, all the online entities, websites, social media, etc., as well as marketing materials for trade shows and conferences, including the booth.


Shopify eCommerce Solutions

JBC has historically used Magento for their eCommerce platform. But it was not a good fit for their internal team. After having a great conversation with the management team and reviewing marketing strategies for the long term, the clear choice for the eCommerce platform was Shopify.

Technology That Breaks The Barriers - 3D Rendered Products

Using the Adobe Suite of products to refresh the brand, the logo, and all the labels, we then pulled those into Cinema 4D to create photo-realistic, to-scale, products in 3D. This allowed for opportunities to test and improve product and package design long before going to a manufacturer.

The result of this allowed us to build out the eCommerce site completely, with product photos and videos. All of the physical marketing materials for trade shows and conferences were also created using the 3D product renders.

"We were able to design and create all of the products in 3D. This allowed us to finalize the website, show the products, and begin taking pre-orders before the physical labels were even printed!"



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