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The Challenge

Starting as a freelancer, contractor, or business is challenging. Finding the tools to manage projects and clients proves to be a significant hurdle even today. You see a great project manager, but it doesn't have invoicing. Then you have invoicing, but no time tracking! And on and on.

By the time you're done sourcing all the different platforms to sign up for, and connecting them (if they have integrations), you have somewhere around 3 to 5 different apps and a monthly bill that seems to grow faster than your business, so that you can manage your day-to-day.

Developers, designers, and makers need a tool with the base features they need to run their business.

The Goal

Dev Lounge was built out of necessity and grew into a tool that fills a void in the industry.

Project -> Task -> Todo

When working on complex projects, you need more than just Projects and Tasks. One more layer to keep everything inline and push for success.

Yes, it is that simple. Tasks need the ability to have a simple checklist of to-dos.

Client Collaboration Views

When working on client projects, there is a separation of internal and client-facing details. Your management system should allow you to invite clients to interact on a limited basis. For example, they should NOT be able to see your entire organization, internal comments, or other projects.

Also, inviting a client to a project should not count against your total account users or increase your monthly bill.

Invoicing & Time Logs

Tracking and getting paid for the work we do is quite a nice feeling. Being able to easily send and manage invoices from your project just feels right.

Scoping, Documenting, Grouping and Planning

Creating a scope document is probably one of the most neglected steps for new freelancers/contractors working with clients. Being able to author and share a scope document, or contract directly from the project paves the way to get everything locked before starting the work.

We all manage our projects in our own way that helps us work and create better. Being able to create groups and plan work in a backlog, then move into the work phase is critical.

The Solution

The meaning of development for an individual is what moves them to realize his or her full potential as a human being.

Colors & Typography

Brand Look



Tasks & Todos


Track conversations on Projects, Tasks, Clients, and more!


Receive payments from your clients

Users & Client Accounts

Collaborate with your internal team and external client users

Project Pages

Meeting Notes & Documentation

Project Scopes

Define features & attach tasks. Give clients a high-level overview of progress.

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