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Hi, I’m Kevin Razmus, Founder & Head of Experiential Technologies at Razmus Media. We work with agencies & studios to build award-winning real-time experiences.

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Producer, ENVOY

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We believe in doing things we’re passionate about.

Agencies may have creative vision but lack the technical expertise in real-time graphics (i.e., Unreal Engine) needed to bring the vision to life. We can fill this technical void.
Work along side your creative vision
Technical direction & oversight, keep tech & vision aligned
Expert Unreal Engine development
Top tier wisdom & knowledge for real-time 3d experiences

Don't get stuck in the recruiting process.

Agencies often operate on tight deadlines and may not have the bandwidth to handle complex projects in-house. Our team can serve as an extension of yours, providing immediate, expert-level support.
Ready to start the project, no HR or onboarding needed
We can help with project estimates and timelines
Help vetting other creative partners

Here when you need us, pause any time.

Building an in-house team with a high level of expertise can be costly and time-consuming. Partnering with us offers agencies a more cost-effective way to offer specialized services.
Available on a project basis
Subscribe and have an expert ready when you need them
No HR, benefits, or exit interviews

Clients love us.

Ultimately, agencies want happy clients. Our ability to run discovery, design review, and deliver on project expectations contributes to client satisfaction, which is vital for agencies' long-term success.
Bring an expert into your meetings
We can run discovery, design review, and present to clients
Client Training & Documentation

Organized & Passionate

Agencies need to stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive. Bringing in a small agile partner that is passionate about 3D experiential brand marketing, AR/VR, interactive exhibits, etc., just makes sense.
We love building impactful experiences for people
We think beyond the project

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T-Mobile's Tech Experience has evolved into an industry leading platform

We partnered with ENVOY to bring expert engineering, planning, and organization to 3 of the many interactive exhibits in T-Mobile's 5G&me Experience Center in Bellevue.

Connected Environments: A massive media wall controlled by an Ideum touch table and "totems" that open a digital UI to control the Connected Environments, a simulation with three locations that shows how 5G wireless connections can enable a cleaner, brighter future for Cities, Campuses, Airfields and more.

Agriculture: The simulation features a control mechanism where users can wave their hands near physical plants on the left or right of the screen, enabling them to interact with the virtual environment. Ground sensors are embedded in the plants that monitor real-time metrics such as pH balance and moisture.

Transportation: Comprised of two main components: an Ideum touch table and a fabricated vehicle enclosure. The touch table is the control center, featuring a fully interactive user interface with various real applications. We integrated many service APIs such as YouTube, a CMS controlled music library, Calendar, and a phone app that integrates T-Mobile's network, allowing real phone calls and messages right on the touch table, just to name a few.

Erin Raney
Sr Director Technology and Innovation at T-Mobile
I am excited to share that the Association for Briefing Manager has awarded the T-Mobile Tech Experience program, not 1…but 2 awards recognizing our Innovation in Virtual Briefings, and World Class Center for 5G&me! 🎉  Tech Experience has evolved into an industry leading platform, supporting T-Mobile initiatives in showcasing what is possible today, and working with innovators to create the future. #5G #innovation #future #tech #experience #5GandMe Sparks Envoy Chicago T-Mobile Leadership Neville Ray
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Our ideal client (i.e., Agency, Studio, You?)

We work with many large agencies and studios that have huge reach and large teams. We also work with small studios and directly with clients.

Our ideal client has a project in mind that requires a real-time interactive experience. This can be for training, marketing, entertainment, etc. Examples: Museum exhibits, Retail Stores (Imagine transparent video windows with AI enhanced user interactions), and Experience Centers (Like T-Mobile's 5G&me).

We can join at any phase of the project. We're passionate about the idea, story, and planning phases, but we can also jump in at any point and help move projects along.

Be confident.

We're passionate about the details—a short story. In the T-Mobile Agriculture project, the brilliant team thought of a new feature that would require building an AI-powered orchard management robot.

During the research phase, Kevin dove into the science of identifying and picking apples. It is more complex than it seems. We were tasked with animating and programming a 3D model of a 4-wheeler with a robotic arm that would drive through the orchard and physically pick apples from the simulated trees.

See, when picking apples, there is a technique. You can't simply grab and pull because this could cause other apples to fall and be bruised. You have to gently but firmly grasp the apple and twist. This was programmed into the dynamic animations, and the little robot now systematically fills its basket, gently, before returning to the facility to empty it.

Long story short, we dive in and work to become experts in whatever story it is that you need to tell. And we love it.

Connected EnvironmentsT-Mobile, 5G&me
U-505: Dive TrainerMuseum of Science & Industry
Nick Cave ExperienceFCB, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
TransportationT-Mobile, 5G&me
U-505 VR: AttackMuseum of Science & Industry
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Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

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Why wouldn't we just hire a full-time employee?

Cost-Effectiveness: Hiring a full-time employee includes costs such as salary, benefits, training, and more. Our services may provide a more budget-friendly option, especially if the need for such specialized skills is not ongoing.

Risk Mitigation: If a project changes direction or concludes, our service can be more easily adjusted or terminated without the human resource challenges associated with an employee.

How many people will be on the projects?

Kevin Razmus is the lead and brings in additional team members, freelancers, or partners where needed. It all depends on the project.

How do you ensure the quality of the services provided?

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards. Our team consists of seasoned experts who follow proven methodologies and are committed to delivering top-notch quality in every aspect of our services.

What if I'm not happy with the results of the service?

Let us know. We will work diligently to make it right. If that is not enough or you no longer see value in what we're doing, pause or cancel our engagement. Its that simple. No HR, exit interviews, or severance packages to worry about.

What technologies do you use?

For exhibits, installations, VR, simulations, etc., we primarily use Unreal Engine. For some AR and integrated experience we utilize Unity.

We will know which technology is right for the project after a discovery call. We make recommendations and give you all the data you need to make an informed decision.

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